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we do our part

BeliEVE & Dance Studio is committed to the safety, health, and well-being of all of our students.

Our Team


Our BeliEVE & Dance Studio Team is here to help but from a safe distance ! All teachers will be required to take their temperature prior to their lesson as well as wear a mask and maintain safe social distancing.


Our Customers


Please maintain social distancing at all times.  We also ask that you wear a mask in the studio, wash your hands frequently.  If you are ever feeling sick or unwell, please do not attend class or come to the studio.  No dance class is worth putting the health of others at risk.



Our Changes


  • Temporarily limited class schedule. 

  • Decreased class capacity.

  • We have assigned dancing area and water spots for each student. 

  • We limit max capacity of 11 students each class.

  • Must reserve spot prior the Re-Opening date so we can have a head count. 

  • New liability waiver.

  • Avoid unnecessary personal contacts (air high five and air hugs preferred).

  • Masks must be worn when entering studio.


Our New Liablity Form


Before you enter our studio, you or your parents must sign our new liability waiver.


Before Class


    •    Arrive 10 minutes before class. 

    •    Wait in your car or outside at a safe distance while our team prepare for the next class

    •    Wait for other students from previous class exiting before entering the studio. 

    •    Find your practice space.


Contact us:

Please text / call  714-785 5661 


Keeping our kids / customers and teachers team safe and healthy is our top priority!

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