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Led by over 20 years professional experience Director,


Believe & Dance Studio is the perfect environment for your child to learn the joy and technique of Dance,

self-expression as well as self-discipline to achieve his/her goals. Our instructors come from diverse background in dance to create programs and Dance styles that suit your child level and age.  We also create different choreography for your child to enjoy as he/she moves from beginning level to higher level. Talented students will be auditioned to our Performance Competition Teams. 


Group Classes and Private Classes are available for children ages 5 to 20 and adults. Our year round program offers afternoon/evening classes Monday through Thursday and morning classes on Saturday and Sunday.  All students have opportunities to attend different TV shows, and special community shows. Competition Teams will compete in many Competitions from local to nationwide to international throughout the year. All students will join our Annual Showcase. 


What makes us different than other typical Dance Studios?


We not only teach kids to Dance but so much more Beyond Dance using the technique of Dancing, variety of Fitness exercises and Mindset training. Thus, our Believe & Dance Studio Kids have shown to 

  • Gain more confident & self-discipline

  • Develop interpersonal skills 

  • Value hard work

  • Understand the important of team work

  • Being consistent to achieve their goals

  • Keep positive mind-set in every situation

  • Overcome changes in life


We believe all these great qualities will help your kids to succeed in life whichever direction it may lead them. 




A few big concerns nowadays for Kids are Anti-Social, Bullying, Anxiety and Depression. What we have seen at our studio over the years was the important aspect of dancing to help the kids build more confidence, not to be shy in public and actively involve with other social activities. They also understand the importance of uniting as a team and helping each other. We believe that our teaching methods and useful activities in our studio have a positive influence to help kids growing physical and mentally healthy.


BEYOND DANCE will help all the kids to practice and promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage them to realize the importance of giving, sharing and helping one another to make our world a better place. Today, we are proud to share with you the little story about one of our special students who overcame her anxiety and gained more confidence after joining our studio for a few years. She has learnt how to express herself through dancing and has applied it to express herself in real life. This is the example of our Mission that we are always focusing on: BEYOND DANCING

Maggie H.

This is really an amazing dance studio! It is beautiful and super clean! All the instructors are awesome. They are so patient, kind and encouraging. My 9 years old has been going here for over a year and she loves every moment of it. She was a bit shy when she first started but she has so much confidence now and I can see a great improvement in her dancing. They have a few showcases a year and she is so looking forward to each of these shows so she can show off her dancing skills. The owner, Trung Thanh, is not only an amazing dancer but he is also an excellent teacher/leader. He is passionate about helping these kids to have fun and teaching them about discipline, teamwork and giving back to community. He has organized many activities for the kids to learn about team building and they also volunteer together to give back to the local communities. I highly recommend this studio if you're looking for a dance studio. You will love it!

Kim A.

My daughter has been attending Believe & Dance Studio for a little over a year now and it has completely transformed her life. Dancing with the studio has helped her in many ways. It has helped her develop consistently, routine, respect, and confidence to believe in herself. Dancing has become a life changing experience for my daughter who has struggled with Anxiety. The instructors here are 100% dedicated to each individual child and DON'T partake in any favoritism. Instead of pointing out mistakes, they encourage the children to evaluate themselves and ask them what they feel needs improvement. Things never seem to get old or boring at this studio because in addition to an annual showcase, the owner brings them to other local events where the children get exposure to stage performance and professionalism. 

What I admire the most about the studio is that everyone is very friendly and make you feel like more than a customer, but a family member. 

I strongly recommend this Dance Studio!!!

Dr. Bui

It is first class as a dancing studio (and it doesn't need to be located in Beverly Hills)
We are a group of physicians and dentists learning to perform a musical act at the Believe and Dance Studio for the annual Vietnamese Physicians Association Tet Gala 2020. 
Our instructor (Trung Thanh) was so patient with us. 
His positive attitude gave us a great deal of confidence and we as his students really enjoyed every seconds learning and practicing with him.  We learned to sing, to act and to dance. 
He is not just a world class ballroom dancer but also an excellent actor and singer. 
Believe it or not, if I can learn dancing and acting from him in a very short period of time, everyone else can do. 
Well I still keep my job as a physician but I'm strongly believe that dancing should be part of your healthy life. 
And it will be funnier if you know some moves. 

Chris Bui


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